The problem with business

Apple have just released the Iphone… it’s like nothing anyone has seen before. Touch screen, icons, sleek design and packed full of goodies. What makes apple brilliant is not their OS or technology but their willingness to ‘go where no man has gone before’… microsoft also could have made an iphone but they decided to COPY the Ipod with Zune. Here’s what I mean, below is a picture of a Chinese Iphone ripoff that runs Windows CE…

This is the problem with most companies… they don’t have IMAGINATION and it’s imagination that makes Apple so great. Sure, Microsoft might make more money than Apple but Apple is cool and that captures a whole new market.

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solid stone baths

When I was living in Bali I visited a spa that had solid stone baths… as heavy as they are cool I would have loved to have brought some home. If only Stone Forest had an outlet in Australia. I could have one of these:

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Beautiful flight paths

One of the most beautiful things I’ve seen on the net is the plots of planes over the period of a day over the USA.

Visit Aaron Koblin website and view these amazing animations and wonder at how much fuel must be burned as over 17,000 planes fly to/around the USA each day.

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History of Religion

Here’s a fantastic flash based map showing the birth and spread of religion. Interesting stuff:

See more at maps of war

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Insect Art

Mike Libby takes insects and adds modern day gears and wiring to create some amazing art. Check it out at Mike Libby – Insect Lab

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How to Create a Sexy Pop Star

So you want to be a popstar… you don’t need to know how to sing, there’s a machine that does it for you. The song takes minutes to write… check it all out here:

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If you’ve ever driven on a highway only to find yourself slowing to a crawl for 15 minutes and there’s no reason for the slowdown, then I’ve found an explanation. A hacker has great explanations on why traffic bottlenecks and how we can avoid it… actually how just one car – yours – can start to undo the mess.


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‘Torn’ with mime

Remember Natalie Imbruglia and her song ‘TORN’ now check out the hilarious mimed version and make sure you stick it out to the end when Natalie makes a live appearance… if only her original video clip was like this.

via Neatorama – a while back now

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Gollum sings with Jack Black

Jack Black sings ‘you’re the one that I want’ from the movie Grease with Gollum from Lord of the rings… careful, gollum swears

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Extreme Trainsurfer

What do you do when you get an incurable disease and only have a year or so to live? You live life to the full!

Inspiring footage of a guy with leukaemia trainsurfing at 300kmh. He dies in bed a year later… makes you realise what life is all about.
YouTube – Extreme Trainsurfer

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