Michael Jackson A Capella

So let’s say you’re a singer – you could audition for *insert your country* Idol and become part of a media circus and possibly, just possibly win or at best end up with more friends on your facebook account – OR – you could so something clever. Real clever, like Sam Tsui did with his buddy, Kurt Schneider.

Sam and Kurt arranged a medley of Michael Jackson songs a capella style and Sam sung all the parts – that’s pretty cool. Then they shot a video of Sam singing all the parts at the same time:

This has only just hit YouTube and has already been seen 540,000 TIMES. It will be interesting to see the stats in a few weeks once this video has truly gone viral.

But my point is that for singers, or anyone else really, walking the path of the masses generally means you still become part of the mass – do something to stand out. Make it different, unique and amazing!

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