Wedding Dance and Chris Brown’s bank balance

A short time ago, this great wedding entrance video hit YouTube and became one of the most watched clips of all time :

Now if you worked for the ad agency I wrote about a few minutes ago and you represented Chris Brown you’d fire up the lawyers and get the video taken down because these fun lovin’ wedding folks are using the song ‘Forever’ without permission. A clear case of copyright violation if ever there was one.

But something neat pops up in the video – a small link to buy the song from iTunes. So with 10 million people watching that clip in its peak week you don’t have to be a genius to realise that people are going to buy the song. Here’s what the YouTube folks at Google had to say:

Despite compelling data and studies around consumer purchasing habits, many still question the promotional and bottom-line business value sites like YouTube provide artists. But in the last week, over a year after its release, Chris Brown’s “Forever” has again rocketed up the charts, reaching as high as #4 on the iTunes singles chart and #3 on Amazon’s best selling MP3 list.

Chris Brown was smart – he shut up and let YouTube make him some money – he didn’t even have to get out of bed to do it.

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