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Nina Gordon is lucky, she has a voice of an angel, her music is nice and she recently released one of the prettiest cover songs you’d ever hear called ‘Straight out of Compton which was originally recorded by NWA (Niggers With Attitude). This song gained her more fans than any marketing idea her record label could have conceived… and you’re going to hear why in a second. WARNING, this song was written by NWA and has lyrics that would make a sailor blush, but damn it’s pretty:

Straight out of compton: Download

There are so many lessons to learn from this song:

What makes this song unique is that it targets a niche… I couldn’t see Jewel, Alanis Morisette or Tracey Chapman singing a song like this. So this song make Nina MORE than just another female singer/songwriter/guitarist.

Obviously this song won’t get played on the radio for some of the reasons I learned when mastering the Spirit House CD. Nina is a minor star but when her cover of ‘Straight out of Compton’ hit the internet it was blogged on some of the biggest sites on the planet and the fact that you can download the song for free was a masterstroke for people to access her music and made her known to hundreds of thousands of people..

In short, this song is remarkable – not just different – and that is what makes hundreds of thousands of people want to talk about this song.

Sitting in 301 studios I learned that selling 2,000 CDs for an independant release was quite good… that’s assuming no TV ads or radio play. And I guess it makes sense when you think that once your CD is on the shelves it’s competing with thousands of other titles. And no record store is going to order hundreds of your CD unless it gets radio or tv exposure. But a remarkable song could change that… and by remarkable I don’t mean writing the next platinum single.

Oh yes, and this just one more reason why the big record labels are doomed. All it takes is a song that is worth talking about and the internet can make you a star.

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