How to make banking fun

Curious Lucre has a fantastically funny collection and description of bank notes from around the world. Here’s how they describe the note above:

And so the collection begins: with one of the uglier bills on the planet. No one on Argentinian money seems happy to be there. They’d all prefer to be elsewhere – it’s as if this is an imposition on their busy life.

This fellow is obviously a sharp character, and pressed for time. What do you want? My head is vanishing into my torso. I have no time for you. Spend me. Be gone.

A bank or a money transfer operation like Western Union, could easily have created something fun and entertaining like Curious Lucre but the underlying premise to big business seems to be that you can’t be entertaining or fun.

If you were a hotel chain, you could blog about things like Hotel Surplus … a site that sells surplus hotel art and furniture etc. But, the core business of a bank or hotel is not to be fun, they don’t seem to want people to visit their sites because they offer fun or entertaining stuff… they only want you to do business with them or be gone.

I wonder how much traffic and potential customers these big businesses would get if they focussed a bit more on entertainment with their websites instead of bookings and interest rates?

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