Experts Vs Conventional Wisdom

I’d like to say I was smart enought to come up with this post on my own… but I’m not. The riff goes something like this:
The problem with conventional wisdom is there’s too much convention and not enough wisdom.

The wisdom of crowds fails in so many areas because they are conventional. Which is why a convention is made up of a crowd of people. Crowds are not counterintuitive but individuals are counterintuitive… or at least, they can be.

We see this all the time in business but also in my other life as a job expert. Most resumes look the same because there are certain conventions for formatting and defining skill sets. The reason why I can become an expert in job seeking is my approach was counter intuitive to what was being taught.

Being an expert is all about showing people what is possible rather than what is popular. Crowds make things popular but it takes someone to think outside of the box to give the idea life and create a niche.

Being an expert or standing out from the crowd is about having a depth of knowledge or understanding about a subject so you can see past the conventional wisdom of the subject.

It’s that concept that creates amazing business and amazing work opportunities if you’re an employee.

You can read more about this idea from the smart people at:
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