I become a Music Producer

Sitting on the couch in 301 studios as we master the new Spirit House CD, I get an insight into how to make a HIT music CD… and talent is only a small part of it.

I need a ‘plugger’. A plugger is a guy – more than likely it won’t be a girl – who you pay to help get your song on to the radio. So when Ben Lee puts out his cheesey song, ‘Catch My Disease’ his record company calls up a plugger who is paid a small fortune to get the song on to the radio. Make no mistake here, this is not about the music, it’s all about money. If the plugger gets the song on to the radio then he – it won’t be a she – could pick up another bonus. The short story is Ben Lee’s song gets airplay, becomes a hit… not because it’s a great song as we shall soon see… and he goes on to sell 100,000 copies of his album.

So I’m contemplating this as I’m driving home listening to 91.1 Hot Hits FM – The station the Sunshine Coast built… and I realise that these guys will NEVER play a song by a local band. That’s because most local bands don’t have the money to employ the service of a plugger… and… these stations will only introduce about 4 new songs a month. And the majority of those will be American. That’s why we keep getting the hits and memories of the 80s and 90s… there’s no imagination in the radio stations- not because there are no good songs out there… and artists with pluggers take those valuable radio slots.

So you’re not going to hear our CD on the radio so enjoy a sample from Bliss called KISSING: Download www.spirithouse.com.au/music/one/kissing.mp3.

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