Sleepless in Seattle horror film leads to opportunity

My friend Murray has a mate, Demis, who is a talented musician, web developer, film editor… I’m beginning to think there’s nothing he can’t do. Anyhow, Demis is sitting around, bored, and decides to re-edit ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ and turn it into a trailer for a horror film. There’s nothing new about that. ‘The Shining’ has been re-edited to become a love story… but here’s where Murray steps in.

Murray submits the Sleepless trailer to boingboing and all hell breaks loose. Demis’s server is melting under all the traffic but out of the ether he gets an email from some folks who are producing a horror film with a distribution deal in place and have asked Demis if he would be interested in working on the editing and score of the film!

I bring this up for a few reasons to keep us thinking:

  • Demis has no degree or formal qualifications in film or design.
  • He has a passion and talent for design and film… plus has perfect pitch when it comes to music (bastard).
  • Taking something that has already been done and making it better or DIFFERENT leads to success – or failure – but it’s better than doing nothing.

There are just so many ways to market yourself, if you’re a job seeker, or your product or services, ir you’re a business owner but no-one will talk about you if you don’t do something that is remarkable.

You can polish your resume, hire a copywriter to give your brochure a make-over but when it all comes down to it your customer simply wants an experience. Demis gives you the experience with Sleepless in Seattle Re-Mixed, you get to see his editing in action, plus his use of sound and more importantly his talent shines through as he takes a schmultzy love story and turns it into a psychopathic stalker movie. This small video clip speaks far more loudly than his resume or previous work.

Now here’s the thing, just about anyone in film school could have done this sleepless re-mix and carved a reputation for themselves within a matter of days – just as Demis did… but they don’t teach this stuff at film school I guess.

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