Best hotel website on the planet…

This website is so good you’d think it’s a joke.

The white crappy car in the picture: that’s the motel’s limo. See the crappy motel… that’s Barney’s business, and he decided to make fun of it to get people to stay. It’s not like he has views and luxurious rooms to tempt guests. But I can’t wait to stay here:it’s a three star joint – he paid $30 to get an extra star. And there’s a microwave in every room…. as Barney says, ‘that’s exactly what everyone needs… a thermo-nuclear device just a few short feet from the old noggin’.

This site is marketing brilliance… there’s no way you can sugar coat his motel and Barney has a compelling ten reasons why you should stay at Barney’s. Take security as an example. Because your car is about 7 feet away from you, it’s never been more secure!

Just check it out… this is amazing stuff.

Barney’s Motel

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