Real marketing… real people doing real things with your products

Creating a marketing breakthrough does not mean that you have to be slick or spend a fortune. Remember, people are voyeurs… and while most marketers spend money trying to entertain or educate, the vast majority of us like looking through the key hole. Anonymously observing some guy having fun over his webcam obviously appealed to millions of people in the real world.

If you’ve never heard of the numa numa dance then you’re in for a treat. New Jersey 19-year-old, Gary Brolsma, found Internet fame when he not only lip-synched, but did a slick choreographed routine—albeit without leaving his chair—to “Dragostea Din Tei,” a dance track by Romanian pop trio O-Zone.

Though Brolsma ultimately shunned his fame, his performance is among the most-linked, forwarded, and immitated videos of the the year, even earning him a profile in the New York Times.

The song was a hit in Europe so the video didn’t make the song a hit, but what Gary created certainly exposed the song to millions of people around the world.

The problem with business is we take ourselves so seriously. Local kids here, are using a certain brand of juice bottle to make bongs (you see them littering the walking tracks near the parks) – so maybe the juice company should put a web page up showing people how to make a bong, or a bong design competition…. of course that will never happen but you get the idea of what I’m talking about.

Let me give you a serious example: People are hacking their PSP consoles to do all sorts of amazing things. But do Sony have a page showing you how to turn your PSP into a remote control for all your audio/visual gear etc… of course not… they don’t want you hacking their products. Yet many sales of PSP consoles are being made because of the efforts of countless sites showing people how to do cool things with their PSPs… stuff the manual would never tell you. Would Sony write a book on how to hack your console?… of course not, but thanks to the efforts of amateurs like Gary, there’s a huge audience for this sort of book.

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