Wouldn’t it be cool if…

Why do so many businesses look the same? A dull, soul-destroying business costs the same amount of money, time and effort as a COOL, raved-about business. Here’s a new way at looking at any opportunity and create something cool.

Wouldn’t it be COOL if…
The five words that start my book idea are the keys to creating something extraordinary. Most of the big brands and fastest growing businesses were started when one or more people got together and said, Wouldn’t it be cool if:

  • You could put a mini hard-drive in a small case so you could take mp3 files anywhere.
  • You could go to one place and compare home loans from all the lenders.
  • You could rent computer equipment instead of buying it.
  • You could pay $40 and make $200 worth of calls on your mobile
  • There was a big rubber band that you could tie to your feet and jump off bridges so you get to feel free-fall and then become a human sling-shot back up.
  • You could take a picture on a camera that used memory instead of film and then load it into a computer for printing.
  • There was a wetsuit for surfers.

Now here’s the thing; cool does not have to be sensible or professional. Cool does not have to appeal to everyone. We’ll explore these concepts later but this chapter is simply to stop you thinking about your competitors or what is already out there and to start thinking about creating something that is cool and revolutionary.

You could open a hamburger takeaway joint in your area because that would be a safe thing to do… after all there’s countless hamburger joints in the world so that must be what people want right? Fuck that… why not do a satay joint with a 15 foot Buddha on the wall… that would be cooler than a hamburger joint.

How many satay takeaway places do you see? None. Is it a bad idea? Well, how many juice bars did you you see around the place 8 years ago? All it takes someone to do it and, sadly, the rest will follow.

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