The problem with being a ‘thinker’


I was thinking about drug testing at work the other day and came to the conclusion that if I was running a large company I would use drug screening to hire certain substance abusers… I don’t want them to operate heavy machinery but my thinking is if you stick everyone with a degree and a suit in the same room you’re going to get similar ideas and opinions.

None of them want to give you their more crazy ideas because they are scared of looking like the guy in the picture… if their idea fails, or is too whacky they become prime targets for the next staff cut.

Because most staff will avoid doing anything that exposes themselves to friendly/enemy fire most fly just under the company radar as this is the safest place to be if you want to keep your job

The person with the whacky idea that just might change an industry might not come forward because they don’t want to appear to appear to be smarter than their manager, and if the idea fails then they know who’s going to take the blame and it won’t be their manager or the boss.

smallknife.gifBut get a drug user hopped up on goofballs just before the meeting and he/she just doesn’t care about these things. While everyone is sitting around talking about creating the new knife block, our drug user starts ranting about the movie ‘Kill Bill’ and babbles on about a knife block that is shaped like a human with knives stuck through the body!

I was thinking about all of this when visiting Jake who created surfume (a perfume for surfers). I’m not saying Jake was on drugs when he thought about the idea, but Billabong, Rip Curl,and Quicksilver all could have created Surfume but none of them did.

Who wants to be the Billabong employee and say to the boss… ‘you know, we make surfer fashion, why don’t we make surfer fragrances?’… when you know your manager is going to tell you that Billabong makes clothes and wetsuits not perfume!

So it’s left to crazy guys like Jake to create a new niche market product and I’m willing to bet that a company like Billabong will come along and buy him out.

We see it all the time, big companies buying out small innovative companies simply because the small guys dared to dream!

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