Tarantino’s Knife Block

Because I have moved my old blog here, and because google sends so many people to my old blog when they search for the Voodoo Knife Block I thought I better talk about the sort of Knife Block Quentin Tarantino would buy, so as not to disapoint all those googlers out there.

When we started selling these knife blocks at the Spirit House we were totally unprepared for the reaction. People were either appalled or delighted… no-one looked at this thing and shrugged it off… that to me, is the sign of a great niche market, you feel something with this product.

The knife blocks come with a complete set of knives and once on display you’d be amazed at how deadly it looks. I thought they’d sell out in the first week but we found that it was a real love/hate relationship with these things… a lot of people thought they were too dangerous to have in the kitchen if you had kids (they do come with covers for the blades), others thought they were disgusting but eventually they all sold. I couldn’t quite work out why they took a few weeks to sell the 7 sets we ordered so I did some research:

Most of the customers coming to the cooking school -where they were sold- already owned good quality knives and couldn’t justify paying $165 for more knives. If they were sold in a shop that sold knives, I’m sure they would have walked out the door.

So the lesson is this: If you have created a niche market for something, explore all the variables. You might have the:

  • right product, right customers, wrong time
  • right product, right customers, wrong place
  • right product, wrong place

So there it is… people googling ‘tarantino knife block’ will still find me, and we get to learn a great lesson from a great design.

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