Designer coffins

Oh… My… God… I just love this coffin. Now I can go out in style.
Life Art Coffin
Life Art are an Australian company and they create amazing art that is applied to their coffins (the coffins are made of a recycled cardboard product that is as strong as wood). The best bit is you can’t look at these coffins and feel nothing… you either love it or hate it and that’s what made me CHEER when I saw this product on my new favourite show, Dragon’s Den.

I love the product because it allows you to celebrate the passing of a loved one in something that reflects how they would want to be remembered. You can even create your own designs, maybe pictures from your loved-one’s life… I’m thinking about a ‘this side up – handle with care’ theme for my coffin. My father wants… ‘I told you I was sick’ on his coffin. They even have blank coffins where you can write a poem or paint your own art. This is an idea whose time has come.

When you think about it, a coffin like this, is the last gift you’ll give to a loved one… that’s why this idea rocks for me.

Watching the show and seeing the reactions on the investor’s faces I know this product would get the funding. One investor walked out, the others were wary but one guy could see a HUGE niche market for it and was going to put in all the money. Interestingly the other investors started to see the merit and decided to pitch in and ended up with 50% of a niche market that I think will have a huge appeal.

It doesn’t take much to be remarkable here folks… the coffin is made from recycled and biodegradable products, the artwork is printed on stickers and then applied to the outside… end result, a niche market with no competition. Fantastic.

Here’s another great idea… check out my DOOR ART that I produced with my friends at arthouse reproductions. Door-size stickers that turn your door into functional art pieces.

More great ideas on creating niches can be found on my main page.

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