Why you’re screwed if all you have is a job

Just finished listening to an excellent podcast from Steve Pavlina about how to make money without a job. I’m not going to mention home business so please keep reading. When you build a house you build it on more than ONE foundation, but most people support their lives on just one foundation; their job. So their life looks something like this:
if you look like this you're screwed

More like a diving board isn’t it. If you were to lose your job then your whole life can come crashing down around you. Now let’s say that you have a few ideas, crafts, hobbies or investments that bring you in small income streams – your life would now look something like this:

if you look like this you're screwed

So if you lose your job it is a nagging inconvenience but your whole life doesn’t collapse around you. Understand I’m not suggesting you become some money hungry ‘Donald Trump wannabe‘… I’m just talking about enough money to give you some choices in life. Let me give you some more ideas…

frangipani picA few years ago I took the picture on the right. Using my large format printer to print this picture on canvas, this one picture earned me about $1,000 a month for two years, selling it to homeware stores in our city. My wife now sells it on ebay (along with some other images she likes) and this one picture makes her about $200 a week. A really simple idea and if something happened to us financially we could easily get more active and sell more of these pictures to other stores in other areas.

Now here’s the thing: Most people would be delighted to get $200 a week positive cashflow from a rental property or investment and this one photo of a frangipani over our swimming pool gives us a return on investment that would embarass many property investors… especially when you take into account our initial investment.

Keep in mind this printing thing is just a hobby, the printer allows me to print my photos in large formats… but the $200 a week this one picture makes could pay the rent or debts if something happened to our jobs, businesses etc.

I’m not talking about making millions of dollars here folks… that’s not my thing. But I love the independence and choices you have when you know you can be fired, quit or downsized and all your bills get paid and you can choose what you want to do next.

$1,000 a week from one day in a market
Another friend makes small gourmet puddings in her kitchen and sells them in the local markets on a Saturday and makes $1,000 on average each week. She ended up quitting her job and her lifestyle improved dramatically. More time for family and friends.

A book that set us financially free
Years ago I wrote a book that offered a whole new way of looking at job seeking. My friend Murray put it on the internet and Job Secrets Revealed became a huge success and allowed us to quit our jobs and travel abroad living off the internet sales of the book. I should point out this one idea led to me earning about 3 times more than what I was making in my job.

Luck has nothing to do with this… most people have ideas but most won’t do anything about them. Sure, it can be risky investing in an idea but nowhere near as risky as depending on a job for your financial stability.

So have a listen to Steve Pavlina for his ideas on passive income. And drop by my site for more ideas, tips and tricks to help turn your craziest ideas into reality.

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