Sync google calendar with iPhone – the easy way

I’m not sure if this is part of the iPhone OS4 but I’ve been trying for ages to get my various calendars from google apps – or gmail calendar for that matter – to sync with the ipod. I’ve tried playing with the custom settings and managed to get my main google calendar synced but you have to create a new account for each calendar – how tedious. Which got me thinking- I recently added a small php script that created .ics files to allow customers to add events from our cooking school program to their personal calendar. I then wondered if the iPhone would know what to do with an .ics file and lo and behold I stumbled on an easy way to get google calendars in to your iPhone- Here’s how:

In gmail or your google apps account, click on Calendar Settings then click on Calendars in the new Page. Simply click on the Calendar Name that you want to add to your iPhone – now comes the easy bit – towards the bottom of that page is Calendar Address and a green button called iCal – click on that and you get a URL for your calendar. Simply copy that URL and paste it into an email that you can access from the iPhone. I simply created an email which I sent to my Gmail account. Open up Mail on your iPhone and click on the URL that you posted in the body of the email.

After a few seconds, your iPhone will ask you if you want to subscribe to this calendar and you simply click YES – your calendar now shows in your iPhone calendar. I was going to make screen shots but it’s pretty straight forward. The only downside at the moment is I don’t think you can add new events to the subscribed calendar – I haven’t tested that thoroughly but at least I can get my shared calendars onto the iPhone Calendar.

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