Cool Bikes

Josh Hader makes bikes… but not just any old bike. His ‘Art Bikes’ are works of… well, ART, would be the easiest way to describe them. Each bike will set you back about 5 figures. If I had a bike shop I’d have one of these on display… the WOW factor would generate a huge amount of interest.

These bikes even sport small motors, an ideal way to get to work.

The real lesson here is if you’re going to do anything do something that is really cool… that applies to hotels, restaurants… your job?

Josh used to work for a film studio… now he makes bikes… how cool.

Read and see more at New York Daily Photo

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The problem with business

Apple have just released the Iphone… it’s like nothing anyone has seen before. Touch screen, icons, sleek design and packed full of goodies. What makes apple brilliant is not their OS or technology but their willingness to ‘go where no man has gone before’… microsoft also could have made an iphone but they decided to COPY the Ipod with Zune. Here’s what I mean, below is a picture of a Chinese Iphone ripoff that runs Windows CE…

This is the problem with most companies… they don’t have IMAGINATION and it’s imagination that makes Apple so great. Sure, Microsoft might make more money than Apple but Apple is cool and that captures a whole new market.

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