Plain to billboard in 60 secs

I’ve been guilty of using photoshop to ‘enhance’ features of my portrait customers but this cool ad for dove soap really shows you how a plain model is transformed into a billboard beauty using speed photography.

Part of Dove’s ‘real beauty’ campaign, this video is to raise awareness and show young girls that what you see in magazines is not necessarily reality.

(via boingboing)

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Really cool designer’s site

I love Chinese calligraphic prints, but Singapore designer Jonathan Yuen has put a modern twist on this with a cool flash animation and beautiful silhouettes.

(via Neatorama )

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Miniature Earth… very cool

My dad was telling me about some interesting stats about the people on the earth dramatically put into context with a world population of just 100 people. The next day the local newspaper ran an article on it. For instance: in a world of just 100 people, 6 of them would have 59% of the wealth and 14 can’t read.

Dad said there was a video about it and the day after the article neatorama had a link to the neat flash movie that is a must see for all ages:.

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