dancing skeleton

Just a fun clip… there’s so many talented people out there and making money at it too. I’m sure this guy makes as much money busking with his skeleton as he would working in some mind-numbing job.
YouTube – dancing-skeleton

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The Newspaper Clipping Generator

Found this great new tool to generate neat newspaper articles… you can have so much fun with this thing.

Show your love for someone by making it front page news. Need a boost to your resume… this tool can certainly help you fake it until you make it :-)

Start creating your own newspapers here: The Newspaper Clipping Generator – Create your own fun newspaper.

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10 Dumbest Online Business Ideas That Made It Big.

I have spent years developing online businesses. All the time my colleagues and I structure our business ideas on something that we think customers want or need. Turns out that maybe we’ve been too conventional in our thinking.

I wouldn’t have thought googles for dogs would be a big seller… but I’d be wrong. Check out Top 10 Dumbest Online Business Ideas That Made It Big Time. for a refreshing business idea lesson.

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Amazing 11 year old!!!

Wow… just wow. Normally I wouldn’t even blog this sort of stuff but this 11 year old girl just blew me away. She just started a new category on my blog: Music. Check it out…

I can’t remember how I found this but you can find the clip on YouTube

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