What every video store needs

The idea of owning a video store is to rent movies right? So why is it you don’t see video store websites that allow you to rate movies you’ve seen and then generate a list of videos you might like based on your ratings?

I guess it’s because most video store owners are in the business for the money rather than their passion for films. Anyhow, check out Criticker – Home of the TCI as an example of a terrific video recommendation engine. In just a few minutes I had a whole list of videos that I either wanted to see or had never heard of.

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How KitKat became Number 1

Here’s a
a great article
on how Kit Kat became number one in Japan. To cut a short story shorter, the ad agency decided to give kit kats away to students doing their exams because Kit Kat sounds close to good luck in Japanese.

The way they did it was clever: they gave the kit kats to the hotel where the exams take place and the hotel handed the chocolates out as gifts.

After that, Kit Kat started to boom through some other clever marketing.

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toy soldier bowl

As a kid I used to torch my plastic toy soldiers. The joy of being an adult is you can melt your plastic soldiers in your kitchen bowls and call it art… plus charge $200+.

In business let’s not confuse being creative with being allowed to make mistakes. Being creative means blowing things up and doing the sort of stuff that would get you in trouble with your parents.

The problem is most employees don’t want to be the ones getting caught holding the flame to the toy soldiers in the corporate salad bowl. They are too worried about losing or costing the company money… artists, on the other hand, do this stuff because they want to make money.

Every business needs artists.

You can buy the toy soldier bowl here: greenergrassdesign.com
via neatorama

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