‘Marriage Saver’ Video Store Section

I was at the video store in the ‘latest release’ section and with nothing better than ‘must love dogs’ to rent, I realised that my wife would love me if I brought home that title. On the way out I joked with the video store owner that he should have a section called ‘Save your marriage’ and stock it with titles like Sleepless in Seattle, Must Love Dogs, and other girlie flicks.

Now, when a guy has forgotten to take out the trash, missed an anniversary or slept with his neighbour’s wife, he can visit the ‘Save your marriage’ aisle and grab a sure-fire movie to win back his partner’s affection.

Other video aisle sections could be: ‘Traumatise your Children’… horror movies etc. ‘Viagra’… porn films. You get the idea.

In fact, a video store that does this would not only stand out from other stores, it would be quite remarkable. The sort of store people would talk about. Combine that with little review cards talking about the movie – similar to what you might find in good book shops- and you could really create a unique experience for customers. But then I could be wrong… I saw that Big Momma’s House 2 is the top grossing film here last week… *sigh*.

Anyway, my wife is calling, the movie has started *yet another sigh* … here’s another hour and a half of my life that I will never get back.

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Make a book from your blog

So much work goes in to your blog and blurb.com have a great service where you can turn your words of wisdom into a hardcover book.

You can also create your own recipe books, photo books etc.

Nice idea and something I’m going to look into when I get back from my trip. Check it out at Blurb Blog Book

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