Sleepless in Seattle horror film leads to opportunity

My friend Murray has a mate, Demis, who is a talented musician, web developer, film editor… I’m beginning to think there’s nothing he can’t do. Anyhow, Demis is sitting around, bored, and decides to re-edit ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ and turn it into a trailer for a horror film. There’s nothing new about that. ‘The Shining’ has been re-edited to become a love story… but here’s where Murray steps in.


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Tag cloud T-shirt of your Blog

I love tag clouds… the artistic quality of key-words that catalogue a site. Luckily I found snap shirts that has beautiful tag-clouds of famous books printed on t-shirts. But these guys have gone one step further, you can enter the URL of your blog or website and create a tag-cloud of your own that you can wear with pride. Here’s my blog tag-cloud:

For $18 I can get it printed on a shirt and make a statement with keywords from this blog:

So while these words may look like one of those japanese ‘engrish‘ t-shirts that we all laugh at, at least I know that the splatter of words on my shirt reflect the ramblings of my mind.

So take a visit to Snap Shirts and get your blog out of the blogosphere and onto the street.

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Where to stay for free

CouchSurfing is an amazing site/concept… turning traditional accommodation and backpacking on its head.

The deal is this… if you have a couch or a room that you’re happy to share with a traveller then you can list it on . So travellers get free accomodation and a chance to explore a new place with a local. With nearly 50,000 registered members and around 20,000 successful bookings, I can see this site creating a new niche of travellers.

Imagine, you’re learning a language and would like to stay with a native speakers in their country… you can easily organise that. What’s more, some people are happy for you to stay a few days or a few months.

Check it out: couch surfing

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Doona covers for the single man

Forget your flower prints, stripes, etc… now you can get into bed with four beautiful women. Reality Bedding specialise in using real pictures to create doona covers.

If they could offer a service where you could submit your own image files, that would be really cool!

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Turn Gyms into power plants

My friend Darrin is a personal trainer. We were talking about how many of his clients would drive to the gym and then hit the treadmill and walk the distance they drove to the gym… crazy.

Then we got to talking about alternative energy and I asked if anyone made exercise equipment that generated electricity… he’d never heard of it. That lead me to discover Notions of Expenditure… which is a Uni project that is researching this new energy source. The site is absolutely horrific and is obviously written by academics but I did learn that two kids playing on a see-saw for two or three minutes can generate enough electricity to power a 20w light bulb for two to three minutes.

Imagine what a gym full of exercise bikes and treadmills could do! Here are some great stats from the site:

38 million Americans by the end of 2003 were members of health clubs.
If each member worked out only 37 days/yr, less than 1x/week, for one hour, this would equal 1,406,000,000 hours. (This doesn’t include hotel, university, YMCA, or corporate facilities, or home users; there are more than 2400 YMCA’s in the U.S.)

With those sorts of numbers, maybe gyms could be the new green fuel source. Forget nuclear power, build more gyms.

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Best hotel website on the planet…

This website is so good you’d think it’s a joke.

The white crappy car in the picture: that’s the motel’s limo. See the crappy motel… that’s Barney’s business, and he decided to make fun of it to get people to stay. It’s not like he has views and luxurious rooms to tempt guests. But I can’t wait to stay here:it’s a three star joint – he paid $30 to get an extra star. And there’s a microwave in every room…. as Barney says, ‘that’s exactly what everyone needs… a thermo-nuclear device just a few short feet from the old noggin’.

This site is marketing brilliance… there’s no way you can sugar coat his motel and Barney has a compelling ten reasons why you should stay at Barney’s. Take security as an example. Because your car is about 7 feet away from you, it’s never been more secure!

Just check it out… this is amazing stuff.

Barney’s Motel

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Real marketing… real people doing real things with your products

Creating a marketing breakthrough does not mean that you have to be slick or spend a fortune. Remember, people are voyeurs… and while most marketers spend money trying to entertain or educate, the vast majority of us like looking through the key hole. Anonymously observing some guy having fun over his webcam obviously appealed to millions of people in the real world.

If you’ve never heard of the numa numa dance then you’re in for a treat. New Jersey 19-year-old, Gary Brolsma, found Internet fame when he not only lip-synched, but did a slick choreographed routine—albeit without leaving his chair—to “Dragostea Din Tei,” a dance track by Romanian pop trio O-Zone.

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