You can’t buy exposure like this…

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Nina Gordon is lucky, she has a voice of an angel, her music is nice and she recently released one of the prettiest cover songs you’d ever hear called ‘Straight out of Compton which was originally recorded by NWA (Niggers With Attitude). This song gained her more fans than any marketing idea her record label could have conceived… and you’re going to hear why in a second. WARNING, this song was written by NWA and has lyrics that would make a sailor blush, but damn it’s pretty:

Straight out of compton: Download

There are so many lessons to learn from this song:


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Job titles in married life

My wife is grumpy with me at the moment and I don’t blame her. I’m not doing a very good job being a husband and then it hits me… a ‘husband’ is kind of like a job title: certain things are expected of you and you have Key Performance Indicators that show you how well you’re doing.

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Why big businesses can’t innovate new brands

Here’s my take on why big businesses can’t build innovative new brands as quickly as small companies or individuals… their motivation is all wrong… everything they do is for the money. (more…)

I become a Music Producer

Sitting on the couch in 301 studios as we master the new Spirit House CD, I get an insight into how to make a HIT music CD… and talent is only a small part of it.


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I knew they were crazy firing me

Business and job lessons from a niche market I started 15 years ago that lead to my boss practically firing me. See how and why the business went broke after I left and laugh at my pain when I discover that he and his partners’ businesses are going ‘gangbusters’ using the very ideas that I was fired for.


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Wouldn’t it be cool if…

Why do so many businesses look the same? A dull, soul-destroying business costs the same amount of money, time and effort as a COOL, raved-about business. Here’s a new way at looking at any opportunity and create something cool.


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