Thoughts on making it in music

I was writing an email to comosper David Norland who did the amazing sountrack to a great documentary – Anvil, the story of Anvil which you can hear on the audio link on his site. I was thinking about marketing music and how a composer could make a name for himself and that got me thinking about this amazing video by another ver talented musician called John Boswell.

What if scientists could sing?

What you’re about to see is amazingly poetic and beautiful – thanks to the wonders of Autotune (the technology that most popstars use to shift their voice when they sing out of key) you’re about to see boring physics lectures turned into something amazingly poetic.

John Boswell of Symphony of Science made this song featuring Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Bill Nye.

Popstars should be banned from using autotune leaving autotune to the people who really do have something to say:

I was so impressed with this video that I donated to John via his website – he sent a charming email reply telling me that it takes about a week to make the magic happen once he has all the video clips he needs to make a song.

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Amazing 11 year old!!!

Wow… just wow. Normally I wouldn’t even blog this sort of stuff but this 11 year old girl just blew me away. She just started a new category on my blog: Music. Check it out…

I can’t remember how I found this but you can find the clip on YouTube

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The NEW music business model… people actually pay for free stuff!

Boingboing were quick to tell us all about Jane Siberry’s amazing new online music store where people can hear and download her music for free, or pay. The choice is left to the consumer.

So you can listen to a song like:
Calling All Angels…
and if you like it, you can buy it… (and ‘yes’, Jane gave me permission to stream this song, all I had to do was ask).

Now hang on to your hats folks, it’s what boingboing didn’t tell us that is even more amazing about Jane’s new online music store…

I was listening to some samples and was scrolling through the price options for her album ‘Shushan’ (one option was a price of $0, a gift from jane) and the most amazing thing appeared below the list:

50% of people PAID for the album at a standard price of $11.11. That’s amazing… but there’s more…

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How you got screwed when I was trying to legally blog a song

Hold on to your hats folks… you’re in for quite a ride. This post is a case study in how to create a killer record label and an unlimited advertising budget:

I wanted to blog a great cover of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ by a rockabilly group called ‘The Fargone Beauties’… we’re talking hillbilly heaven here folks, a ‘Deliverance’ style intro of banjo and guitar and the famous guitar solo with licks traded between guitar and banjo… we’re going to make you squeal, boy… yeeehaaaw!.

Of course, I wanted you to hear this gem… but you – and I – got screwed…

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You can’t buy exposure like this…

nina gordon banner
Nina Gordon is lucky, she has a voice of an angel, her music is nice and she recently released one of the prettiest cover songs you’d ever hear called ‘Straight out of Compton which was originally recorded by NWA (Niggers With Attitude). This song gained her more fans than any marketing idea her record label could have conceived… and you’re going to hear why in a second. WARNING, this song was written by NWA and has lyrics that would make a sailor blush, but damn it’s pretty:

Straight out of compton: Download

There are so many lessons to learn from this song:


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I become a Music Producer

Sitting on the couch in 301 studios as we master the new Spirit House CD, I get an insight into how to make a HIT music CD… and talent is only a small part of it.


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