Designer coffins

Oh… My… God… I just love this coffin. Now I can go out in style.
Life Art Coffin
Life Art are an Australian company and they create amazing art that is applied to their coffins (the coffins are made of a recycled cardboard product that is as strong as wood). The best bit is you can’t look at these coffins and feel nothing… you either love it or hate it and that’s what made me CHEER when I saw this product on my new favourite show, Dragon’s Den.

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The biggest book in the world

Damn big book
You’re looking at the biggest book in the world, 44 inches x 60 inches (1m x 1.5m roughly) and it weighs 60kg. And just because it sells on for $15,000 doesn’t mean that you can’t make one.

Think about this for a minute. You’re a photographer, you have a decent camera and you want to sell your photos. Every photographer is framing their prints for sale, some – wait for it – print on canvas *gasp*, but you decide to sell your prints in a book so big it needs a truck to deliver it and an easel to display it… do you think you might stand out from the crowd? Would your book be remarkable?

Let’s see how this can be done and discover how big printer companies like Epson are dropping the ball with their marketing

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