How to Create a Sexy Pop Star

So you want to be a popstar… you don’t need to know how to sing, there’s a machine that does it for you. The song takes minutes to write… check it all out here:

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If you’ve ever driven on a highway only to find yourself slowing to a crawl for 15 minutes and there’s no reason for the slowdown, then I’ve found an explanation. A hacker has great explanations on why traffic bottlenecks and how we can avoid it… actually how just one car – yours – can start to undo the mess.


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‘Torn’ with mime

Remember Natalie Imbruglia and her song ‘TORN’ now check out the hilarious mimed version and make sure you stick it out to the end when Natalie makes a live appearance… if only her original video clip was like this.

via Neatorama – a while back now

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Gollum sings with Jack Black

Jack Black sings ‘you’re the one that I want’ from the movie Grease with Gollum from Lord of the rings… careful, gollum swears

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Extreme Trainsurfer

What do you do when you get an incurable disease and only have a year or so to live? You live life to the full!

Inspiring footage of a guy with leukaemia trainsurfing at 300kmh. He dies in bed a year later… makes you realise what life is all about.
YouTube – Extreme Trainsurfer

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War is hell…

Amazing photos and story of a sniper attack on a US patrol in Iraq… every politician should see this to make them realise the sad realities of war.

Click on the multimedia link on the left hand side, half way down the page to get commentary and a slide show.

Very brave people.

PS… seems people found it hard to see the multimedia link on the page so here’s a link to it.

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Plain to billboard in 60 secs

I’ve been guilty of using photoshop to ‘enhance’ features of my portrait customers but this cool ad for dove soap really shows you how a plain model is transformed into a billboard beauty using speed photography.

Part of Dove’s ‘real beauty’ campaign, this video is to raise awareness and show young girls that what you see in magazines is not necessarily reality.

(via boingboing)

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Really cool designer’s site

I love Chinese calligraphic prints, but Singapore designer Jonathan Yuen has put a modern twist on this with a cool flash animation and beautiful silhouettes.

(via Neatorama )

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Miniature Earth… very cool

My dad was telling me about some interesting stats about the people on the earth dramatically put into context with a world population of just 100 people. The next day the local newspaper ran an article on it. For instance: in a world of just 100 people, 6 of them would have 59% of the wealth and 14 can’t read.

Dad said there was a video about it and the day after the article neatorama had a link to the neat flash movie that is a must see for all ages:.

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marmaduke made funny

I remember not reading marmaduke cartoons in the paper because they weren’t funny… now they are, thanks to this great website that explains marmaduke cartoons. Great stuff:

Check out more here:Joe Mathlete Explains Today’s Marmaduke
(via boingboing)

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